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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARonnie Gibson is a graduate student at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, U.K. The topic of his PhD research is Scottish fiddle music and its transmission from the the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to the present. The project combines historical investigations into old music collections and documents with ethnographic studies (including interviews with fiddlers) in what is ultimately an interrogation of tradition. This blog will be used to explore the issues raised in the course of research. The content will be of relevance to fiddlers both in Scotland and abroad, other traditional musicians, those with an interest in Scottish history, and musicologists and ethnomusicologists working in a variety of fields.


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12 thoughts on “About the Blogger

  1. Eric Allan says:

    Hello Ronnie. Very interesting blogs. Thanks for the kind mention of Highland Music Trust. We’re not doing any more printed books but we are adding the occasional transcription to our website http://www.heallan.com for free download, and if you look there you will see which collections we have done. I’m sending a review of your site to the Scottish Fiddlers’ Calendar.

  2. Pamela Carr says:

    Hi Ronnie – you mentioned a tune in your Fiddle Festival talk… something like Lamentation for the passing of Niel Gow. I haven’t been able to find the dots, so wondered if I have the wrong name, or if you could tell me the original gaelic name please, and a source. It was lovely.

  3. elfshea says:

    Hi Ronnie, I met you briefly when I was in Aberdeen last May and I came to one of the strathspey and reel society meetings and played. I’m a friend of Anne Taylor. I’ll be in Aberdeen for the academic year 2018-19 at the Elphinstone Institute, and I hope to meet you while I’m there. Thank you for this blog!

    Cheers, Mara Shea (North Carolina, USA)

  4. Liam says:

    Hello from Dixie. My ancestors are French and Scots who arrived in America in the late 1700’s. I just found your blog . It is fascinating and informative.

  5. Guy Philpott says:

    Any truth to the story that Nanthaniel Gow (Niel’s brother) wrote many/most of the tunes and Niel put his own name on them? Dave Swarbrick had a story to that effect as an intro to one of his tunes.

  6. Pamela Sinclar says:

    Hello, Pamela Sinclair here from Washington State . . . it seems to me that there were tunes with tutorials accessible on your site last year??? Thank you for your blog!

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