1. Cock o the North;
2. Lamb Skinnet;
3. Jig: Drops of Brandy;
4. Mary Bain’s Wedding;
5. Rory O’More;
6. Baby Prep Jig;
7. Rose Wood.

1. Cock o the NorthCock o the North

2. Lamb Skinnet
Lamb Skinnet

3. Jig: Drops of Brandy
Drops of Brandy

4. Mary Bain’s Wedding
Mary Bain's Wedding

5. Rory O’More (pdf)

Rory O'More

6. Baby Prep Jig (pdf)

Baby Prep Jig

7. Rose Wood

Rose Wood pdf

Rose Wood


2 thoughts on “Jigs

    • rmgibson says:

      Thanks for your observation, Kabur. Of course, JoS was the springboard for the first strain, but the change of key and contour presents it from an interesting new perspective. This, together with the new second strain, makes it work as a new tune. Nothing is invented sui generis.

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