Tutorial Commissions

If there is a particular tune you would like to learn you may wish to consider commissioning a tutorial video. Prices are very reasonable, with an individual video costing less than a lesson and savings when more than one video is commissioned.

Videos typically feature a ‘full speed’ performance of the tune in addition to slowed-down and phrase-by-phrase examples, and music notation (with finger chart) is also provided. It may be possible to accommodate special requests such as advice on bowing or tuning, or an historical introduction to the tune, so please don’t hesitate to ask when ordering!


  • One video: £20
  • Two videos: £35
  • Three videos: £45

How to Commission a Video or Make an Enquiry

Please submit commission details or enquiries through the contact form below (ignoring any irrelevant fields). For commissions, you will receive a link to make a secure on-line payment once your request has been confirmed. Please note that it may not be possible to proceed with your order if a particular tune is unfamiliar/unknown. Further, videos will not be recorded until payment has been received. Feel free to make special requests in the Comments, special requests and enquiries field!

Contact Form


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