Recordings of Hector MacAndrew in the Alan Lomax Archive

Hector MacAndrew

This short post is intended only to highlight the existence of four recordings of Hector MacAndrew in the Alan Lomax ‘Cultural Equity’ Archive. MacAndrew was recorded by Lomax in 1951 at the home of John Mearns (7 Cedar Place, Aberdeen).

1. Money Musk / Maggie Cameron / The Laird Of Dunblaine / The Left-Handed Fiddler

Apart from some initial distortion, the recording quality of this track is fair.  It features MacAndrew playing unaccompanied. ‘The Laird of Dunblaine’ is, in fact, ‘The Laird of Dunblair’.

2. The Left-Handed Fiddler (fragment)

This track features only the very closing of the tune featured in the previous set.

3. The Dean Brigg / Banks Hornpipe

The piano accompaniment on this track is quite bizzare! The harmony is strange yet sweet. Alice Mearns is credited as the pianist.

4. Lord MacDonald’s March To Harlowe

A 6/8 pipe march performed without piano accompaniment.

Ronnie Gibson (27 August 2013)

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